Fujifilm: When Was Your Camera Manufactured?

At the bottom of your Fujifilm camera (X-PRO2, X-PRO1, X-T1, X-T10, X-T2, and X-T20) usually on the battery compartment, there’s the serial number printed on the label attached to the bottom of the camera.

Mine starts with 63xxxxxxx

  1. The first digit is the year of manufacturing: 6 → 2016, 7: → 2017…
  2. The second digit is the quarter of the year: 3 → 3rd quarter, meaning between July and September.

This means that my Fujifilm …

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Godox Canon flash & Fujifilm TTL

My current setup is:

  1. Canon 7DMk2 with a 24-70 and a 70-200 with 1 Canon 580exII and 1 Godox TT685C (C for Canon) with 3 Yongnuo 622C as wireless TTL triggers.
  2. Fuji X-P2 with the ‘Fujicrons’, an 18-55, a 55-200 and the ‘pancake’ with the Godox TT350F and the XT1-F.

So the question is how can I use my Canon flash or the Godox-Canon flash on the Fuji? I need in the camera hot-shoe …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Godox TT350F & the Fujifilm TTL

  • The aperture controls the amount of light from the flash/strobe
  • The shutter speed which is almost always slower than the flash (except for the Elinchrome strobes with their High-Sync) controls the ambient light.
  • The ISO that influence both the ambient light and the flashed light.

For a specific flash, the amount of light generated depend on the distance between the light and the subject (see the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse-square_law).

When using …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Wireless

Fuji includes the wireless functionality into many of its cameras, like the X-PRO2, the X-T2, the X-T20 and even some of the older cameras.

What I’d like to do is:

  • Take a few pictures (mostly headshots)
  • Review them myself
  • Show the person and make some improvements

The problem is the LCD at the back of the camera is small and almost everything looks good on it. Magnifying at the focus point only shows …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Indicator Lamp

At the bottom right of the back of the X-PRO2 between the DISP/BACK button and the D-PAD there’s the indicator lamp.

X-PRO2/X-T2 indicator lamp

Indicator Lamp What does it mean
Continuous green Focus locked
Flashing green Focus warning: you can still take photos (same flashing green as exposure warning)
Flashing green Exposure warning: you can still take photos (same flashing green as focus warning)
Flashing orange then green Normal: saving the images to the …
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Fujifilm X-PRO2: HSS, TTL & Godox TT350F

X-PRO2/X-T2/X-T20: HSS & TTL. What a mouth full.

One of Fujifilm’s weakness against Canon and Nikon is the lack of a proper flash system. Roboshoot did a pretty good job at converting Nikon flash to Fuji so one could use Nikon flashes with Fujifilm:

  1. It’s expensive.
  2. I use Canon with Canon flashes, so I would have to buy new Nikon type flashes.

Flash “Secrets”

The word secret is in quote because …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Dynamic Range Settings

The Fujifilm cameras like the X-T serie (the X-T10, X-T20, X-T1, X-T2) and the X-PRO2 have the concept of the Dynamic Range. (BTW, I’m not sure about the X-E1 and the X-E2, since I haven’t had any of these cameras).

  • All photo sensors including those on smartphones and tablets have some dynamic range to capture both the highlights and the shadows.
  • The Dynamic Range goes from a low of 8EV to a …
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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Shortcuts (continued)

Rear command dial

  • In AF mode: press the rear command dial briefly to get the magnified view.
  • In MF mode: press the rear command dial briefly to get the magnified view.
  • In MF mode: press the rear command dial for a full second and it will toggle though the 3 focus assist modes (standard, split, and focus peaking).

Q button

  • In shooting mode: press the Q button for a full 2 seconds to get to …
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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Rear Dial

The rear command dial only adjusts the shutter speed in either:

  • When the shutter speed dial (on top of the X-PRO2, the X-T2, the X-T20, the X-T1, or the X-T10) is set to T, then the rear command dial will select any shutter speed.

  • When you choose a shutter speed with the shutter speed dial (on top of the X-PRO2, the X-T2, the X-T20, the X-T1, or the X-T10), using the real command …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Shortcuts

Formatting the SD card

  1. Push Trash button for 2 sec
  2. Press the rear command dial.

This will bring the format menu asking for which slot, even if you have only one card in the camera.

View the battery status


  • Press the PLAYBACK button. Then either press the up or down button of the D-Pad. You will see the image and the battery status at the top right.
  • Press the DISP/BACK button, until you …
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Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF + MF

I have been getting a lot of out-of-focus images, especially with the pancake 27mm f/2.8 lens.

My setting are:

  • AF-S: priority focus
  • AF-C: priority focus

Even in AF-S, I would say that I was getting in the 20% to 30% range of out of focus images. In AF-C, it would be even more. Basically the pancake 27mm was not usable in AF-C mode.

I know that it has …

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