Waiting For Her Owner: Whistler, BC

dog laying in the sun and waiting

Patiently waiting for her owner

Most people with dogs in Whistler park their dogs in front of a restaurant or a food place, and go in…

Not with this dog, she’s so well trained that she didn’t move even when I came close with my camera and with my dog in tow. She must have identified a kindred soul in my dog. My dog has the same stance …

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Border Collie Waiting Patiently

border collie waiting patiently

Border Collie Waiting Patiently

This photo was taking in Whistler, BC in the middle of the day. Two dogs waiting for their owners to finish eating their lunch at the restaurant.

This Border Collie was waiting patiently for his owner to come back from lunch.

I chose to take the photo of only one dog, but you can see the leash of the second dog. She was starring intently in …

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The Winter: Whistler, BC

Dog in the snow

My dog, walking around, in the snow

This is my dog, walking around, in the snow in Whistler, BC. His name is Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte). He’s a furry Basset Hound. He’s basically a Basset Hound with longer legs and in the forest, in the woods, in the mountains he becomes a “real dog”.

Normally, in town (I live in Vancouver, BC), he’s afraid of everything. Every …

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Always Herself, Whistler, BC

Dog being herself

Dog being herself

Whenever I point my camera “into somebody’s face” people become afraid. It’s almost like pointing a weapon at them. They always ask themselves:

  • How do I look?
  • How’s my clothes?
  • I never look good in photos…
  • Why is he taking a photo of me?
  • Is this legal?
  • What he is going to do with these photos?

Dogs don’t care.

  • Dogs do not pretend …
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St Bernard Puppy: Whistler, BC

Jackson could be considered still a puppy. 90 pounds and he still have a lot more to grow. One of his owner said that he was 8 month old, the other one said 10 month old. At this point, Jackson eats more than both of his owners combined.

Jackson still hasn’t learned his size. He doesn’t walk with people, he goes to the tree to sniff and his walker follows…

8 month old, 90 lbs St Bernard puppy: Whistler, BC

8 month old, 90 lbs St Bernard puppy

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Rottie Carrying Her Own Food: Whistler, BC

She was a rambunctious puppy (btw, I forgot her name, her owner told me her name but I trusted my memory instead of writing it down and I was wrong).

So she started carrying stuff, food, water bottles… Dogs can only do one thing at a time. When they are working, they can’t do something else like running around… So now, where ever they go, she has to carry her own food and her own water.

Rottie mix carrying her own food

Rottie mix carrying her own food

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No Dog Parking: Whistler, BC

This sign is just in front of a popular eatery in Whistler, BC.

Many people go in the eatery and leave their dog outside.

It’s not just for a couple of minutes, we are talking one hour and more. I was there late last month and service was so slow, it took over an hour to get our food and then it took another 20 minutes to get the bill.

In spite of the sign, people still left dogs attached to the railing…

What an expression: ‘dog parking’. That’s not what I would use…

No 'dog parking' sign in Whistler, BC

No ‘Dog Parking’ Sign in Whistler, BC

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Jogging in Whistler, BC

Jogging with a dog is fantastic. It’s great exercise and the bond doesn’t happen in the house but on the walk/run. All dogs brings a sense of security, even a tiny Chihuahua will bark loudly and can scare many would-be ‘less than good intentions’ people.

Jogging with a dog through the forest

Jogging with a dog through the forest

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