Jogging in Sync: West Vancouver, BC

Jogger and his dog running exactly in sync

Jogger and his dog running exactly in sync

I like how both the jogger and his dog are running exactly in sync. The dog was working very hard to follow exactly the speed of the owner. Not in front, not behind, exactly to his side. Both the jogger and his dog are relaxed.

It takes a lot of training and practice to get to that point.

It’s hard to find a “good” running partner …

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Got the Ball: West Vancouver, BC

dog with his ball

I have the ball, I don’t have to run anymore

I have the ball, I don’t have to run anymore.”

Doesn’t this look like a dog satisfied with himself? He’s accomplished his job, he earned his keep.

I’ve tried to teach my dog to fetch and bring back the ball. It was a total failure! First, I tried in the house:

  1. Throw the ball in the living room. That worked …
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Flat Coated Retriever: West Vancouver, BC

Flat Coated Retriever at the Beach

Flat Coated Retriever at the Beach

He was such a nice and friendly dog. It didn’t take much to bribe him, two small pieces of a chicken and salmon mix treats. After that, he was ready to follow me to the end of the earth. I didn’t see his owner, but s/he must have been around on the beach.

Dogs can smell a treat from 20+ meters/yards away and can do …

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She’s Late: West Vancouver, BC

This Golden Retriever likes to ‘dilly-dally’. She sniffs around, she looks at other dogs, she turns around, she sniffs some more and then she looks around if there’s something that she missed.

Meanwhile her owner is gone! He’s walking fast and she has to really run to catch-up…

Golden Retriever running to catch-up

Golden Retriever running to catch-up: West Vancouver, BC

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The Attack: West Vancouver, BC

This dog is attacking us. He’s just 5m/15ft away and he’s not attacking us (me and my dog), but he’s going for me.

He ran from behind the bushes and went for me. He didn’t bark.

I took my photos, stood up ready for the attack, but I didn’t move. I was ready. At the last second, his owner whistled and he turned around and went back to his owner.

I screamed at the owner that he needs to keep his dog on a leash, he turned around and they walked away.

Dog on the attack

Dog on the attack: West Vancouver, BC

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Lost His Left Eye: West Vancouver, BC

Bromy (I think that’s his name, that’s what I heard) lost his left eye when he was a puppy. Some kid was ‘playing’ with him and stuck a branch in his right eye.

He can still see, but his vision is not great. Now, he’s much more a ‘nose’ dog. He doesn’t see his food, he knows the place. If his owner moves the food bowl, he has to sniff to find it, he can’t go to it directly.

Lost his left eye

Lost his left eye. A kid ‘playing’…

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A Well Balanced Lab

Labrador Retrievers (the Labs) are among the most popular dogs in North America. There’s a reason for it. ‘Well balanced’ Labs are a pleasure. ‘Well balanced’ Labs are mostly happy.

The owner was busy talking on the phone, so I do not know his name or his age, but I know that he’s ‘a good dog’. Notice how I’m right in front of him with my ‘monster eye’, aka the camera, and he is looking straight at me without any fear nor any aggression. This is a ‘very well balanced’ chocolate Labrador.

a well balanced Labrador Retriever

A Well Balanced Labrador Retriever

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Serious Frenchie: West Vancouver, BC

Most Frenchies, aka the French Bulldogs, are ‘crazies’. This means: easily exited, excitable, outgoing, people oriented and very good natured.

Not her. She’s serious, not friendly and she doesn’t really like people. She puts up with people, but that’s as far as she goes. BTW, I asked for her name but I didn’t write it down, so I forgot her name.

BTW, did you know that the original name of the French Bulldog was: ‘Boule-Dog Francais’, translated: French Ball Dog. Boule in French is Ball.

A very serious Frenchie

A very serious Frenchie: West Vancouver, BC

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Borzoi Running: West Vancouver, BC

I’ve never seen a Borzoi running. They walk, actually they saunter. They are always on a leash.

Actually, he wasn’t really full speed, a ‘runny’ steps, then walk, they a few more ‘runny’ steps.

Look at these huge, powerful hind legs.

Borzoi running

Borzoi Running: West Vancouver, BC

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