Dog Waiting

dog waiting

Dog Waiting

This dog is not worried, but he’s waiting. I don’t know what he’s waiting for, but he thinks that something is coming. I’m sure that he thinks that he’s earned a biscuit but the incompetents human (me, in this case) either doesn’t understand or can’t remember. So eventually, I gave up and gave him his so-called “hard-earned” biscuit.

He looks like …

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Snootsy: Not Impressed

15 years old dachshund in the rain

Snootsy: a 15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy is a 15 years old ‘sausage’, aka a Dachshund. Snootsy looks very goods for a 15 years old dog, especially for a Dachshund. Often Dachshunds get back and spine problems, not Snootsy.

I took photos inside his house and yes it’s his house, he allows the other occupants in his house. After that, I decided to take some photos outside. It’s …

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Georgie Lives In His Cube

cat in a cube

Georgie the Cat

Georgie is an old cat and he pretty much live in “his” cube. It’s been a couple of years that he lives in this cube. He only gets out for the “intake of food” and for the outtake. He likes to hide in his cube. He’s not really hiding, since he doesn’t hide his head, but his head stays in the cube.

Georgie is …

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A Very Uncooperative Cat: Vancouver, BC

cat on handler's shoulder

Puss-Puss on handler’s shoulder

Puss-Puss is a very uncooperative cat. He doesn’t want to have his photo taken. Never. It’s not that he has a bad day here and there. With Puss-Puss, everyday is a bad day when there’s a camera involved. Normally, I make my “Daffy Duck” imitation. They are always surprised and look to see what’s that sound.

No!… Not Puss-Puss. He was …

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Nkosa: The Prince

nkosa, the prince

Nkosa, The Prince

Nkosa was old, very old. I did his photos in his last few days. He passed away just a few weeks later. He was very weak, he couldn’t walk anymore.

I tried to show in this photo his dignity. Before this photo, Nkosa did a supreme effort to sit but after a couple of minutes, it was becoming too difficult. Then he laid down and he …

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Snootsy: Vancouver, BC

15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy: a 15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy is a 15 years old ‘sausage’, aka a Dachshund.

Snootsy looks very goods for a 15 years old dog. He goes around and on occasion he still runs. We are not talking Speedy Gonzales (this is a reference to a Loony Tunes cartoon character from the 1950s), but a 15 years old dog.

Snootsy’s main problem is eating his food. If the …

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Oscar, the 13 years old: Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog: 13 years old

Scruffy/Wet Old English Sheepdog

Oscar is a 13 years old Old English Sheepdog. He looks scruffy because in spite of being 13 years and a cold foggy winter day, he went to play into the sea.

Like all people that walk with their dog, they walk in sync and at the same pace.

I’m not talking about people that walk against their dog. That’s the ones on …

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Tired: Vancouver, BC

She’s tired and she doesn’t want to run anymore. But she has to run for another 10 minutes.

The vet told her (actually her owner) that she needs more exercise for both her joints and her blood pressure.

Tired: Vancouver, BC

Tired: Vancouver, BC

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