What’s The Best Setting For…

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The other day, somebody asked for my help. She wanted me to tell her what’s the best settings for her Canon for…

I regularly get the same question but in a different form:

  • What’s the best camera…
  • What’s the best lens…
  • What’s the best camera bag…
  • What’s the best way of using the flash remotely…

There’s no best setting for your camera, there’s …

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Questions Not To Ask A Photographer

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Recently, I was asked by a potential customer one of the “worst” question she could ask:

Which camera are you using?

anonymous (2019)

It’s like asking a mechanism which wrench does he use? Or asking a painter which brush size does he use?

As a photographer that deals with living people and animals, I have to deal with two main things:

  1. Light
  2. Moment

The Light

I can control the …

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The New Nikon Z6 & Z7

category Cameras • hashtags Nikon, Rants • 2 min read

Everybody and their dog is reviewing the new Nikon mirrorless cameras, the Z6 and the Z7. The main problem is that very few people have seen one, let alone used one.

31-Aug-2018: Google search:
nikon z6 review
About 650,000 results (0.59 seconds)
— Google

Very few people have received it, definitely not 650,000 people. So people look at some the technical specs and decide if this is a …

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The Upside of Selfies

category Photographers • hashtags Rants, Canon, Nikon • 2 min read

In 2014, InfoTrends predicted that that people will upload 1 trillion photos in 2015. That’s one thousand billion photos with 80% uploaded to Facebook and the other 20% to the rest of what used to be called the Information Superhighway. That’s Flickr, Instagram, Google+, websites…

The vast majority of these photos are selfies, are they the bane of the modern age.

The problem with selfies is that they …

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Overpriced Items That I Can’t Live Without

category Cameras • hashtags Canon, Nikon, Rants • 2 min read

  1. Black Rapid RS Camera Strap: I paid over $170 for mine! Ouch! I bought the first one, the RS1, in Canada when the hook and the base were “crappy.” Then I bought the “proper” fastener for the base, then the “proper” hook, then finally I bought a Nodal Ninja plate that has a lip to distribute the tension from the tripod mount to the body of the camera. Now it …

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Blame the Equipment

category Photographers • hashtags Rants • 3 min read

Canon can’t do anything right, their latest, the 70D is made of plastic and it should have included the 7D autofocus system and it also needs the lens micro-adjustment… Nikon can’t do anything right either. Their latest, the D7100, which doesn’t ship yet, should have at least 32 megapixels, at least run at 8 frames per second, at least have a fully articulated LCD and finally it …

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The Canon 1Dx: I Was Right!

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By now, you must have heard that Canon has announced their new full frame camera, the 1Dx. It merges both the 1D and the 1Ds series, 12 frames per second, 18 megapixels and full videos.

Notice that Canon has dropped the pixel count from 21 megapixels to 18 megapixels. Is this a case of pay more and get less? People will say that it’s to get a higher ISO …

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This Lens is Soft

category Photographers • hashtags Canon, Nikon, Rants, Auto-Focus • 2 min read

Canon Rumors in conjunction with Lens Rentals have written a long article on:

Lens Rental, like their name says, rent lenses for Canon, Nikon… They have a fairly high traffic and a big turnover. People rent the lens for the weekend or a few days… and inevitably, people complain that the lens, they just rented, is a dude. Why is it soft?

The article is …

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