Raw and Colour Space

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Almost all dSLRs (except some of the really, really old dSLRs from the early 2000) provide two colour spaces, the ubiquitous sRGB (standard RGB)1 and aRGB (adobe RGB)2. aRGB was developed by Adobe as a colour space that would cover the full CMYK colour space used by printing presses like magazines…

A raw file has a much larger colour space than either sRGB or aRGB. The raw file …

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Why Are My Colors Flat?

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Why are my colors flat when they looked so good on the review LCD of the camera? The photos looked fantastic for about 5 seconds in Lightroom, then they became flat.

It’s complicated because they are so many variables:

The Color Spaces

There are 3 main color spaces for us photographers:

  1. sRGB, the smallest color space. This is the basic color space in photography. And, it’s not fully …

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Canon: The Right Way of Metering

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Canon has 4+ metering modes:

  1. Evaluative Metering
  2. Partial Metering
  3. Spot Metering
  4. Center-weighted Average Metering

All new dSLRs have similar modes, they just call it differently

And then there’s the manual mode. So what’s the right way? That depends:

  • On the direction of the wind
  • The age of the captain
  • What about the exposing to the right?

Does this sound whimsical? Because exposure is whimsical. There’s no right …

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The Camera Check: The Evening Before

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When people go to church and pray, usually they are have a ritual. It involves getting dressed, gather the… It’s a ritual. Me, I have a similar ritual before going to create photos. I usually do it the evening before, so my bag is ready and I just have to pick it up. Since it’s a ritual, I always do it in the same way. Now it’s …

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Color Space and Your Camera

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If you are only using print and not using the web, then don’t bother reading this blog post. For the rest of us, this is one of the most important and fundamental to photography and the web. BTW ain’t you reading this on the web?

Go to this web page: http://regex.info/blog/photo-tech/color-spaces-page2 but not yet, let me first explain. You will need to have …

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How Tough is Your Camera?

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I’m not sure that I would really want to test how tough is my camera, but some other dudes, at Digital Rev, tested the Canon 7D. Think of it as the “Jackass” movie but for cameras. For me it is much funnier since nobody gets hurt. They got their Canon 7D:

  • Run over, multiple times, by a truck.
  • Drop down, multiple times, down a set of stairs
  • Frozen solid …

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Lens Acronyms

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Acronym Almost sensible wording Explanation
AF Auto Focus Provides auto-focus
AFD Arc Form Drive Old design, slower auto-focusing
AL Aspheric Lens Used to minimize aberrations
CA Circular Aperture lenses Aperture blades to give as circular an iris shape as possible (not the standard Chromatic Aberration)
CA Chromatic Aberrations Purple fringes with high contrast pixels
CaF2 Fluorite element Rare earth minerals to improve the optical qualities
DO Diffractive Optics Special …

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Overpriced Items That I Can’t Live Without

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  1. Black Rapid RS Camera Strap: I paid over $170 for mine! Ouch! I bought the first one, the RS1, in Canada when the hook and the base were “crappy.” Then I bought the “proper” fastener for the base, then the “proper” hook, then finally I bought a Nodal Ninja plate that has a lip to distribute the tension from the tripod mount to the body of the camera. Now it …

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