Darktable: Focus Peak Mode

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Darktable is excellent at finding out what’s worth processing and what’s not worth processing. Darktable gives you the tools.

One of these tool is the Focus Peaking Mode. It works in both the Lighttable and the Darkroom.

Pressing “Ctrl-Shift-F” will enable the focus peaking mode.

The Focus Peaking mode uses a “heat map”

focus peaking in the lighttable

Focus Peaking in the Lighttable

focus peaking in the darkroom

Focus Peaking in the Darkroom

The yellow, green and blue …

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Darktable: Lighttable Culling Mode

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Select all the images in the lighttable, then X to enter the culling and X (again) to exit the culling mode and go back to the Lighttable.

To check for sharpness, I usually set the image count to just one

It’s possible to zoom and pan to compare in the images in the culling mode.

  • The maximum number of images in the culling mode is 25 when in fixed …

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Darktable: Lighttable Overlays part 2

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Darktable, shows some information about the image, like the filename, the extension, the operture, the shutter speed, the focal lens, and the iso. The problem, for me, is that I use the virtual copies (in Lightroom language), aka duplicates (in Darktable language), a lot.

What’s what? Which one is the original photo and which one is the virtual copy, aka the duplicate? Darktable doesn’t show it in the …

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Darktable: Lighttable Overlays part 1

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Darktable, by default, has a very simple and light view for browsing images.

default information in lighttable

Default Information in Lighttable

As you can see, it’s very sparse. There’s nothing to interfere with viewing the images, which is the base philosophy of Darktable.

The problem is that I don’t like it. I like to see what’s what. I have set the my own display of what I want to see …

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