Fujifilm X-PRO2: Godox Flash Firmware

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Godox is on fire. Their sales are skyrocketing. Every photo bulletin board talks and asks about Godox flashes. I use Godox flashes and I’m extremely satisfied. I love them, they are fantastic.

Why? Here’s my experience:

  • They are cheap! I have 3 flashes that support both TTL and HSS for less than the cost of a “real” Canon flash (600ex-RTII) or the cost of a “real” Nikon …

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Godox Canon flash & Fujifilm TTL

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My current setup is:

  1. Canon 7DMk2 with a 24-70 and a 70-200 with 1 Canon 580exII and 1 Godox TT685C (C for Canon) with 3 Yongnuo 622C as wireless TTL triggers.
  2. Fuji X-P2 with the ‘Fujicrons’, an 18-55, a 55-200 and the ‘pancake’ with the Godox TT350F and the XT1-F.

So the question is how can I use my Canon flash or the Godox-Canon flash on the Fuji? I …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Godox TT350F & the Fujifilm TTL

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  • The aperture controls the amount of light from the flash/strobe
  • The shutter speed which is almost always slower than the flash (except for the Elinchrome strobes with their High-Sync) controls the ambient light.
  • The ISO that influence both the ambient light and the flashed light.

For a specific flash, the amount of light generated depend on the distance between the light and the subject (see the https://en.wikipedia …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: HSS, TTL & Godox TT350F

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X-PRO2/X-T2/X-T20: HSS & TTL. What a mouth full.

One of Fujifilm’s weakness against Canon and Nikon is the lack of a proper flash system. Roboshoot did a pretty good job at converting Nikon flash to Fuji so one could use Nikon flashes with Fujifilm:

  1. It’s expensive.
  2. I use Canon with Canon flashes, so I would have to buy new Nikon type flashes.

Flash “Secrets”

The word …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Flash Not Working

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Both Godox and Cactus are coming with Fujifilm compatible flashes. But let’s agree that up to now, flash has not been a strong suit of Fujifilm X cameras. That’s why I still use my Canon set because I need to do events and it’s almost impossible to make photos quickly without a reliable TTL functionality.

Many people have problem with the flashes not working. The same happens …

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Canon Flash: EC vs FEC

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What is EC? What is FEC? It’s alphabet soup that stands for Exposure Compensation and Flash Exposure Compensation. This is used to differentiate what photographers do on the camera vs what photographers do on the flash. The Nikon world is completely different from the Canon world.

In the Nikon world, the formula is: EC + FEC = Total Exposure Compensation. An Exposure compensation of -2 on the camera and a Flash …

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External Flash Meter

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Last night after dinner, Anon from Ymous fame, knocked on my door to ask for help. He’s the “senior photographer” at his photo club, so he can’t ask for help there. His wife bought him an external flash meter for his birthday. I haven’t used one of these, a Gossen, from the late 70s, that’s the late 1970s.

Anon tried the Sekonic flash meter with his …

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Canon 580EX II Flash Failures

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Canon Rumors, you follow them right? has published a blog post: 580EX II Faulty by Design. Pocket Wizard is having many problems with the Canon 7D and the 580EXII. So they commissioned an “independent” study that found faults with the 580EXII flash design, especially when using the High Speed Synchronization.

Their conclusions are:

It appears that some combination of elements comes together to create the risk and increased probability of …

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