Old English Sheepdog: Delta, BC

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old english sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog Waiting Patiently

This female photographer (Ursula) is hand holding a Sigma 50-500 at 500mm. It’s very impressive. Yes, there is some kind of stabilization built into the lens, but Sigma has never been known for making outstanding lens stabilization. The other thing is that the Sigma 50-500 is a very economical/budget lens with a 10x magnification. At the time, it was impressive and one of …

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Same Image?

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Will these 3 photographers have the same images?

Will these 3 photographers have the same images?

Will these 3 photographers have the same images? Two of these photographers are taking images at 400mm. The Nikon guy uses a 70-200mm and the TC2x. The Canon guy uses a 100-400mm. The only guy that is slightly different is the guy at the back with a 500mm and the Better Beamer on his flash.

They have the same position, the same …

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The photographers’ zoo

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A dozen of photographers trying to take photos of 3 sleepy snowy owls

A dozen of photographers trying to take photos of 3 sleepy Snowy Owls

A dozen people are trying to taking photos of 3 sleepy Snowy Owls. Their cameras range from nothing to $$$.

  • 1 guy calling his wife or girl friend and describes what he sees
  • A kid watching with binoculars
  • A lady using her iPhone
  • A lady using a small Sony point and shoot
  • A guy with a small video …

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What’s The Best Setting For…

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The other day, somebody asked for my help. She wanted me to tell her what’s the best settings for her Canon for…

I regularly get the same question but in a different form:

  • What’s the best camera…
  • What’s the best lens…
  • What’s the best camera bag…
  • What’s the best way of using the flash remotely…

There’s no best setting for your camera, there’s …

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Questions Not To Ask A Photographer

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Recently, I was asked by a potential customer one of the “worst” question she could ask:

Which camera are you using?

anonymous (2019)

It’s like asking a mechanism which wrench does he use? Or asking a painter which brush size does he use?

As a photographer that deals with living people and animals, I have to deal with two main things:

  1. Light
  2. Moment

The Light

I can control the …

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Instagram and Black and White Hashtags

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Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for a small billion dollars in April 2012. Everybody said that Zuckerberg is an idiot and overspent by a lot. 7 years later, Facebook and Instagram represent 80% of all the images on the Internet and 95+% of all the advertising related to images. Nobody competes with Facebook/Instagram when it comes to advertising and photos.

As a photographer, I’m more …

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Tourists and the Obligatory Selfie

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In January 2017, German researchers studied the selfies and found that:

  • 77% of the smartphone users took a selfie at least once a month
  • 49% of the smartphone users received at least one selfie every week
  • People thought that their own selfies were somewhat ironic and playful
  • 82% of the people would rather see ‘more usual pictures’ then selfies on social media
  • 90% of the people thought that others’ selfies …

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Intrepid Photographer

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The guy is a professional. He rented a Canon 500 f/4L lens for the weekend. The lens was introduced in 1999 (not only it was the previous century, it was the previous millennium).

There’s an IS (Image Stabilization) built in the lens. It’s OK for ‘kind of stabilizing’ the lens but… It’s not that good. The lens is just above 4kg/just above 9lbs, plus the …

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