Just a Happy Dog: Vancouver, BC

Happy dog on his walk

Happy Dog on his Walk

Just another happy dog walking around town.

The problem is that people mistake a big mouth with wide lips as a happy smile.

  1. Most people can read their own dogs.
  2. Most people read other dogs wrong because they assume that all dogs are like their dog.
  3. The important parts are the ears, the hair between the shoulders, and the “tense-ness” of the dog.

Of course a dog growling and getting …

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The Moving Statue: Vancouver, BC

French Bulldog that manages to run around and be a statue at the same time

The Moving Statue

Kellie is a female French Bulldog. Somehow she manages to run around and be a statue at the same time.

The moves, she stops. Actually, she doesn’t stop, she freezes while she assesses the ‘situation.’ Her owner is jogging and she froze because of my camera (I think). That was only for a second or two and as soon as she was behind by the length of the leash, she started …

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Running Uphill: Vancouver, BC

Lady running uphill with her dog

Lady running uphill with her dog

There are joggers and there are runners. This lady is a real runner. Her dog is taking it easy. For her dog, it’s more like a very fast stroll.

The best running dogs are the larger medium sized dogs like the Weimaraners, Shorthaired Pointers, Vizslas and there are the Jack Russell terriers but they need to be trained to run with people, if not they are all over …

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Tupelo: Vancouver, BC

Tupelo: she pulls very hard

Tupelo: she pulls and pulls…

Her name is Tupelo. It’s not after Elvis Presley’s birth place in Mississippi, but after the Tupelo honey. The bees use the flowers of the Tupelo trees in the South Eastern swamps. It’s supposed not to have any aftertaste.

Tupelo is a very nice dog, but oh boy, does she pull! That’s why her owners use a halti. So she can pull, but she has a …

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Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Whippets are like smaller Greyhounds. I still have to see an aggressive Whippet and most of them are gentle dogs.

Whippets are skinny and need to have extra layers of sweaters and coats, not just for the winter but also for the spring and the fall.

There are hieroglyphs of what looks like Whippets from the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. They became extremely popular in England in the later 1800s with …

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Irish Wolfhound Cross: Vancouver, BC

either a very smart Irish Wolfhound or a very mischievous one

Irish Wolfhound cross

His owner said that he was an Irish Wolfhound cross, that’s why he is smaller than ‘normal’. She didn’t know what kind of cross.

Look at the eyes. Is this a mischievous dog or is this a very smart dog that understand? I don’t know, but I like the look.

The ancestor of the Irish Wolfhound is a very old breed that the Irish used to fight the Romans …

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Rambunctious: Vancouver, BC

Rambunctious Dog

Rambunctious Dog

Her owner tried to walk, she was jumping and running toward anything that moved.

Some dogs are more excitable than others, but it’s the owners job to provide the confidence and calmness through the antenna, aka the leash.

Often, it’s just a matter of:

  1. Ignoring the dog when s/he running wild. Everybody needs to get things out of their system, even me. We shouldn’t be punished for it.
  2. Letting …
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Jogging in Sync: West Vancouver, BC

Jogger and his dog running exactly in sync

Jogger and his dog running exactly in sync

I like how both the jogger and his dog are running exactly in sync. The dog was working very hard to follow exactly the speed of the owner. Not in front, not behind, exactly to his side. Both the jogger and his dog are relaxed.

It takes a lot of training and practice to get to that point.

It’s hard to find a “good” running partner …

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Chasing the Chaser: Vancouver, BC

3 dogs running after each other

3 dogs running after each other

Only the Australian Shepard, at the back, doesn’t have a ball.

These three dogs had a great time running after each other and after the balls.

Why dogs run after the ball?

Something happened when dogs got domesticated. They were “bred-out” of killing, but… The dogs still need to catch small preys, but they are not allowed to kill cats, rabbits, mice, rats… They still need to dig …

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Frenchie v. Tennis Ball: Vancouver, BC

French Bulldog with tennis ball

French Bulldog with tennis ball

This French Bulldog is almost 10 years old and he still runs for his ball.

It seems that French Bulldogs never grow up. Even when they grow old, they still behave like puppies. This may be some of their appeal. I still have to see an older calm French Bulldog, except for when they sleep. Some French Bulldogs can sleep as much as 20 hours a day, especially after running …

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Got the Ball: West Vancouver, BC

dog with his ball

I have the ball, I don’t have to run anymore

I have the ball, I don’t have to run anymore.”

Doesn’t this look like a dog satisfied with himself? He’s accomplished his job, he earned his keep.

I’ve tried to teach my dog to fetch and bring back the ball. It was a total failure! First, I tried in the house:

  1. Throw the ball in the living room. That worked …
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