Snootsy: His Favorite Spot

15 years old dachshund in the rain

Snootsy: a 15 years old Wiener dog

Snootsy is a 15 years old Weiner dog, aka a Dachshund.

This is his favorite position and location. It’s an old couch, in the living room, that his owners want to replace but can’t. That’s Snootsy’s favorite spot. That’s where he “retires” when he’s stressed.

And yes, his life can be stressful, the “awful” cat, Ozzie, is …

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Sausage Waiting At Granville Island: Vancouver, BC

dachshunds waiting at granville island

Wiener Dog Waiting At Granville Island

Sausage is the often used term for Wiener dogs, aka the Dachshunds. This one is a smooth coat Dachshund. He’s not happy. Why am I photographing him? So he’s giving me the stare.

Granville Island is a public market in Vancouver, BC. It’s one of the most visited tourist place in Vancouver.

BTW, the CHMC people at Granville Island claim that …

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Border Collie Waiting Patiently

border collie waiting patiently

Border Collie Waiting Patiently

This photo was taking in Whistler, BC in the middle of the day. Two dogs waiting for their owners to finish eating their lunch at the restaurant.

This Border Collie was waiting patiently for his owner to come back from lunch.

I chose to take the photo of only one dog, but you can see the leash of the second dog. She was starring intently in …

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Toby, the Vacuum Cleaner

old dog in black and white

Toby: the environmental vacuum cleaner

Toby was already 14 years old when I took this photo. He’s a mix between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Shepherd Laekenois.

Toby lives in a “zoo”, almost.

He has to put up with 2 cats, 3 African Grey Parrots and a dozen of smaller birds. Sometimes he gets attacked by the cats, sometimes he gets dive-bombed by the various birds. He puts …

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Can’t Stop Running: Vancouver, BC

dog running

Dog Running: Vancouver, BC

This dog kept on running. If it moved, she ran after it. I’m not sure who her owner was. She never went to her owner while I was there.

  • Dogs don’t handle heat and humidity very well
  • Dogs need frequent breaks, to recharge, go to the bathroom…
  • Energetic dogs will chew up sofas, eat shoes… They need to run.

BTW, dogs with short noses …

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Another Hard Working Doggy

dog sleeping but attentive

Dog Sleeping but Attentive

This dog looks like he’s sleeping. He kind of sleeping. Not only he’s sleeping but he’s also on alert in his sleep.

How do I know?

  1. He’s my dog and I know him. He’s half a German Sheppard (the face and the colour of the fur), half whippet (the size of the dog and the slenderness) and half pointer.
  2. Look at …
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My Dog in the Forest: Vancouver, BC

dog walking: vancouver, bc

My Dog

This is my dog. His name is Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte). Most people think that he’s some Australian Sheepdog. That’s mostly because of the colour of his coat which you can’t see since the image is in black and white and because of his ears.

The thing is that he can do whatever he wants with his ears.

  1. If my dog is happy, he will …
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Dancer, the Duck Trolling Retriever

duck trolling retriever

Dancer, the Duck Trolling Retriever

Dancer is a 15 years old Duck Trolling Retriever. He had to work hard for this photo session. This was his last photo session. He passed away 3 weeks later.

He worked very hard, but he was tired and very quickly had to rest.

In his days, Dancer won “conformation” competitions, which is the “catwalk” for dogs. The conformation competitions do not compare one dog …

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