Snootsy: Not Impressed

15 years old dachshund in the rain

Snootsy: a 15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy is a 15 years old ‘sausage’, aka a Dachshund. Snootsy looks very goods for a 15 years old dog, especially for a Dachshund. Often Dachshunds get back and spine problems, not Snootsy.

I took photos inside his house and yes it’s his house, he allows the other occupants in his house. After that, I decided to take some photos outside. It’s …

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Dog Missing In Action

front door with dog house

Front Door With Dog House

I really like this house’s front door. The dog house and the small bug next to the mat.

I liked it so much that eventually, I spoke with the owner of the house. They don’t have a dog, but they have an indoor cat. They never had a dog but the dog house is to balance the Roman bust.


Camera: Canon 7D …

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Snootsy: Vancouver, BC

15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy: a 15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy is a 15 years old ‘sausage’, aka a Dachshund.

Snootsy looks very goods for a 15 years old dog. He goes around and on occasion he still runs. We are not talking Speedy Gonzales (this is a reference to a Loony Tunes cartoon character from the 1950s), but a 15 years old dog.

Snootsy’s main problem is eating his food. If the …

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Waiting @ Granville Island

dog tied to pole waiting at granville island

Dog Waiting at Granville Island

Granville Island is one of the top touristic destination in Vancouver, BC. Before, “in the good old days”, it was mostly locals that went to Granville Island to do their grocery shopping. Nowadays, it’s mostly tourists especially in the summer.

This was in September and somebody brought their dog, went in to do some shopping. Usually most of the dogs are very unhappy, either …

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It’s Not Her Dog

person holding and hugging a french bulldog

It’s Not Her Dog

This person works in the cafe, Elysee Coffee. One of the customer left her French Bulldog, aka a Frenchie, outside so she went out and starting hugging the Frenchie. When she saw me kneeling to take the photo, she turned the “beast” around and ta-dah…

BTW, you can see my dog’s reflection in the window on the right side as he waits patiently for …

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The Lion in Winter: Vancouver, BC

copcker spaniel in need of a hair clip

Cocker Spaniel or Lion?

This Cocker Spaniel is in serious need of a good clip. Sam hasn’t had his (I think that’s it’s a him) hair cut in quite a few month, but he’s well kept. Everyday, he get a vigorous raking. The rake is stronger than a brush and it has only one row of “teeth”.

Sam, the cocker spaniel, reminds me of the movie …

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My Dog Walking Around

My Dog Walking Around

My dog walking around

This is my dog, walking around, at the beach in West Vancouver, BC. His name is Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte).

Sometimes, magical moments happen, in life and in photography. For customers, I usually take a few hundred photos and then I show them 20 to 30 photos, sometimes I even show 50 photos.

This photos is just one of a sequence of about 9 photographs. And …

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The Winter: Whistler, BC

Dog in the snow

My dog, walking around, in the snow

This is my dog, walking around, in the snow in Whistler, BC. His name is Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte). He’s a furry Basset Hound. He’s basically a Basset Hound with longer legs and in the forest, in the woods, in the mountains he becomes a “real dog”.

Normally, in town (I live in Vancouver, BC), he’s afraid of everything. Every …

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Young Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

This French bulldog (aka Frenchie) looks quite old, but when I spoke with his owner, she said he was only 4 years old. His muzzle started to become grey when he was only a year old.

Young Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Young Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

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Walking with Huskies: Vancouver, BC

Everybody was getting out of her way. Nobody was coming close to this lady and her two Huskies.

It was interesting to see all the people going out of their way to avoid the dogs. Not once did thee Huskies bark. Not once did they growl. These Huskies were perfectly behaved.

Walking with Huskies: Vancouver, BC

Walking with Huskies: Vancouver, BC

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Unhappy Camper: Vancouver, BC

This dog didn’t like at all that I took her photo. She was laying on the stairs with her owner during her owner’s lunch break.

Most likely, she didn’t like the sound of the shutter of the camera.

The nice thing about stairs is that dogs can’t run or move easily while on the stairs. They can fly up and down a set of stairs but only if they start from the top of the stairs or from the bottom of the stairs. If they are seating or laying down on a stair, it will take them a while to get in position to move.

Dog unhappy that I'm taking her photo

Dog unhappy that I’m taking her photo

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