Canon 7D: AE Lock

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The AE Lock is the <*> button at the back. It’s between the AF-ON and the focus point select buttons. AE stands Auto-Exposure.

Basically, the AE lock is for measuring the light, locking the measurement in the camera, recomposing the photo, and finally taking the photo.

  1. The AE lock works for only 4 seconds.
  2. The AE lock works every time the <*> is pushed in, overriding whatever happened before.
  3. The …

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Canon: Quick Guide to Accurate EOS Autofocus

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Canon has published a PDF: The Quick Guide to Accurate EOS Autofocus. It’s a 2 pager that explains how to use the Autofocus on Canon cameras. It’s not just the the Canon 7D, but also applies to the 5DMk2, 1D serie… I love how they use the word accurate. But the vast majority of the focusing problems are related to the wrong understanding/usage of the autofocus.

The …

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Canon 7D: Quick AF Selection

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Normally to select the focus point, I have to:

  1. Press on the AF-Point selection button at the top right on the back of the camera
  2. Use the Multi-Controller/Joystick to select the focusing point

I don’t like the 2 step operations. It’s too complicated for me! I’m not smart enough to deal with “complicated” operations in the heat of the moment. I have to deal with …

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This Lens is Soft

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Canon Rumors in conjunction with Lens Rentals have written a long article on:

Lens Rental, like their name says, rent lenses for Canon, Nikon… They have a fairly high traffic and a big turnover. People rent the lens for the weekend or a few days… and inevitably, people complain that the lens, they just rented, is a dude. Why is it soft?

The article is …

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Filters & Microadjustments

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When I bought my Canon 7D in November 2009, I bought my lenses without any UV filter. I already had some Hoya Pro 1 and Kenko Pro UV filters. I also spent a couple of hours to calibrate the lenses. After that, I immediately went down the street to make some photos and — Disappointment! The photos were OK, but nothing to write home about. Did I get a lousy camera …

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Canon: Evaluative Metering and One-Shot Af Mode

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Everybody knows that by press the AE-Lock, you can lock the exposure. Isn’t it the purpose of the AE-Lock? Yes but…

Did you know that the AE-lock also happens automatically? It happens whenever you are in both:

  1. Evaluative metering
  2. One shot auto focus

The exposure lock happens at the time of the focus, on the focus point.

  • This doesn’t only apply to the Canon 7D …

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Canon 7D: How Many Autofocus Modes?

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What makes the Canon 7D different from all the other cameras is the software. Canon had to regain it’s mojo after having it’s ass whipped by Nikon. They did it by spending “muchos dinaros” in software development. One of them is the new autofocus system.

So how may autofocus modes is there? The are only 2 modes:

  • One Shot AF. It’s for static subjects. The 7D will …

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Canon: AF OFF AutoFocus Off

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Do you remember the movie the Karate Kid? The famous Mr Miyagi said:

Wax ON, Wax OFF!

— Mr Myiagi

Canon gave us the AF-ON, AF-OFF. What’s up with the autofocus off? The AF-OFF? What’s the purpose of the autofocus off? You can assign a button to the autofocus off with the Customization C.FN IV - 1.

The default of is that the autofocus OFF is …

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