Canon 7D: Selecting the AF Point

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You can select the AF Point with the Joystick/Multi-Controller without first pressing the AF point selection/Magnify button. This applies to:

  • Single-Point AF
  • Spot AF
  • Zone AF

But you first need to configure the camera:

  1. You need to assign the Joystick/Multi-Controller to the AF Selection button with the Menu > Custom Function (2nd icon from the right) > C.Fn IV: Operation/Others > 1 Custom Controls (p 217 of the …

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Canon 7D: Focusing Modes: Why & When

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Canon has extremely sophisticated focusing systems, but there are still people that can’t make them work. Most of the problems are due to the fact that they do not understand how Canon has designed them to fit all the various possibilities/combinations. I explained it on Here, it is in a slightly different format.

One Shot

The AF assumes that the subject is static

  • If the subject …

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Canon Flash: EC vs FEC

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What is EC? What is FEC? It’s alphabet soup that stands for Exposure Compensation and Flash Exposure Compensation. This is used to differentiate what photographers do on the camera vs what photographers do on the flash. The Nikon world is completely different from the Canon world.

In the Nikon world, the formula is: EC + FEC = Total Exposure Compensation. An Exposure compensation of -2 on the camera and a Flash …

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Canon 7DMk2: Changing the Focus Mode

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One of my favorite feature of the Canon 7D is the orientation linked AF points. This means that the default AF points are selected depending on the orientation of the camera.

My base setup is the Zone AF. Horizontally (landscape mode) I use the center zone. Vertically (portrait mode), the 7D changes to the top zone (for the face.)

The problem is that now I have to be careful when …

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Canon 7D: The Secret of the Zone AF Focus

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The Zone AF is a “mini” version of the Automatic AF Point Selection, the default AF mode. It works in the same way as the Automatic AF point selection except that it restricts the AF points to a small cluster (zone) that is selected.

Within this zone, the system will focus on the closest subject with adequate details, even if you’re in Servo AF Mode.

You can select from …

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Causes of Focusing Problems

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With today’s technology being so advanced, it’s amazing that there are still some problems focusing. This is not just for the Canon 7D, but for all current cameras Canon, Nikon, Sony… Here are the most common causes:

  • Extremely small subjects. Subjects much smaller that the focusing point
  • Low-contrast subjects such as in fog, or blue sky, or solid colors
  • Many filters, like the dark red #29, will disable …

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Canon 7D: Focus Display

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The C.Fn III - 10 custom function controls how the focus points are displayed.

In Manual Focus

0: Enabled. When you have focus in Manual mode, the focus confirmation indicator will be the same as with AF.

1: Disabled. There’s never a focus confirmation through any indicator.

In AI Servo Focus

0 — Enabled. This only applies to the Zone AF and 19-point AF (doesn’t apply to single point …

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Canon 7D: Which Focus Mode to Use?

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The Canon 7D has 3 focus modes:

  • One-Shot AF: 1 time
  • AI Servo AF: continuous as long as you keep your finger on the button
  • AI Focus AF: Starts as a One-Shot AF, then switch to AI Servo AF if the Canon 7D senses movement

Then there’s the selection of the area to focus on:

  • Single point
  • Zone
  • Auto-select 19 points
  • Spot AF
  • AF point expansion

and finally:

  • Live …

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