Running Back and Forth: Banff, AB

This dog’s name is Mister. It’s spelled “Mr.” I took the photo of this guy cycling with his dog running on his fourth or fifth round of cycling back and forth.

BTW, this was in mid-May.

Man in winter clothes cycling with his dog in the forest around Banff, Alberta

Man cycling with his dog in the forest around Banff

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The Boss: Banff, AB

The Boss

The Boss

It’s spring in Banff, Alberta. The snow has melted, mostly, but the grass hasn’t grown yet, so everything is still brown. It will take about a month until the hills become green again.

This photo is just one family with the parents, four teenage daughters, and their two dogs.

The dog wasn’t just leading the pack, she was barking at them to “get moving” and …

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