New Ways of Using a Tripod

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I’m not sure what he’s trying to achieve.

Either he’s trying to balance the camera (a Canon 7DmkII with a 16-35mm L lens) like a Steadicam using the tripod being the counter weight or just plain and simple he can’t be bothered closing the tripod.

I wonder if it works.

Could I use my tripod at arms length and use a small open tripod to counter-weight …

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Telephotos for You: Vancouver, BC

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These people belong to a photo club. They came to make photos of people rowing in False Creek, Vancouver, BC. There were 2 groups. This group was the ‘more bunched up’.

  • ¾ of these photographers were guys and the other ¼ were women but all of them where in their 50+.
  • The vast majority of these photographers were using Canon with 2 or 3 of them using Nikon cameras.
  • Only …

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Canon 7D: Focusing Modes: Why & When

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Canon has extremely sophisticated focusing systems, but there are still people that can’t make them work. Most of the problems are due to the fact that they do not understand how Canon has designed them to fit all the various possibilities/combinations. I explained it on Here, it is in a slightly different format.

One Shot

The AF assumes that the subject is static

  • If the subject …

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Canon 7DMk2: How The Auto Lighting Optimizer Work

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I was “playing” around, and decided to try the Auto Lighting Optimizer on my Canon 7D. Guess what? Nothing!

Was it a problem with the camera or a problem with the operator? It turned out that the problem was that I didn’t RTFM (Read The “Fucking” Manual or in a more polite way: Read The Fine Manual), meaning that the the problem was with the operator.

On page 75 …

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Canon 7DMk2: Changing the Focus Mode

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One of my favorite feature of the Canon 7D is the orientation linked AF points. This means that the default AF points are selected depending on the orientation of the camera.

My base setup is the Zone AF. Horizontally (landscape mode) I use the center zone. Vertically (portrait mode), the 7D changes to the top zone (for the face.)

The problem is that now I have to be careful when …

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Canon 7DMk2: AWB Automatic White Balance

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I don’t like Canon’s Auto White Balance. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, I’m saying that I don’t like it. I usually like the light balance to be warmer.

  1. There’s never an exact right white balance. Even when using a color meter, like the old Minolta or now Kenko’s.
  2. White balance is the reading of the white color and adjusting everything around …

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Canon 7D: Format v. Frame Rate

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Over the weekend, I was talking with Kellie. She asked me if it was true that:

Shooting both raw and jpegs lowers the frame rate per second of her Nikon D300s like she was told.

  1. I’m not an expert in Nikon. I don’t own one, I’ve occasionally used Nikon and all of my experiences, with Nikon, were very positive. I still chose to buy Canon because of …

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Canon 7D: Flash & Shutter Speed

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My preferred mode is Aperture Mode. It’s from all these years when the cameras only had aperture priority or manual mode. I’m not saying it’s better, I’m just saying that’s how I think.

Not long after buying my Canon 7D, I bought a Canon 580EXII flash. Load the camera, load the batteries, a couple of test shots. No problem, it seems to be working. Then …

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