Trust The Force, Luke

Some people are “jerks!” I was doing a photo shoot for a customer downtown with some breaks in between for the people to relax. That’s when this guy barged in and asked me questions about my Canon 7DMkII. Actually, it wasn’t about my 7DMkII, it was about his Canon 7DMkII. He had problems with the exposure. According to him, it’s was always wrong. What could I recommend?

He started to explain that since he couldn’t get the “proper” exposure, he now was using the center-weighted average metering and that wasn’t working either.

So I went on my “new/usual” go back to basics and try again the defaults. aka:

Trust the force, Luke, trust the force!

Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars saga

He was “pissed off!” How did I dare? I tried to explain but he walked away mumbling. Then he went to talk to Kim, the person in charge of the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, I was talking with Kim, she told me that the “jerk” said:

I didn’t know anything! That I was an incompetent! How could she hire somebody like me?

The “jerk”

What did he want? Most likely, as a professional, I have some special secrets from Canon, like Menu → Custom Function… that would solve his lack of understanding.


  1. Sometimes it’s me. I can be too flippant. Although I have significantly improved and do it rarely (consciously).
  2. Not only he insulted me, but he also insulted Kim for her judgment in hiring me…