Preparing a New Battery

Many places have boxing week sales. I needed another spare battery. I’m in Canada and ‘they’ charge an arm, a leg and even a second leg for the Canon batteries. Why are they so expensive? Because they can. Because of higher capacity with the small CPU inside the battery to monitor/manage the battery. They are almost twice as expensive in Canada as in the US. Some drugstore that also sells cameras had a 15% off sale on camera batteries. 15% is only slightly more than the sales taxes we have in Vancouver, British Columbia. But it’s significant enough, so I bought the battery.

The LP-E6n battery is a lithium-ion battery. There are some nice things about these batteries, like they don’t have a memory, they can have a higher capacity and they are lighter. There are also big, huge problems with the lithium-ion batteries, such as very limited number of charges, temperature…

Problems with the lithium-ion batteries

  1. The biggest problem with the lithium ion batteries is the number of charges. Only 500 full charges and that’s it1!
  2. Poor shelf-life. Lithium-ion batteries lose around 5 to 10% per month of the charge.
  3. A lithium-ion battery that is completely discharged will be dead and cannot be revived.
  4. Not only like all batteries, lithium-ion batteries lose power in the cold, the lithium-ion batteries also lose power in the heat, around 25% at 40°Celsius or 104°Fahrenheit.

How to prime your battery to get the longest life possible

  • Many people have different ways of priming their batteries. Here, we are discussing my religion is better than your religion. Your religion is better than my religion.
  • There’s no just one way. I can’t call the debunking unit, I don’t have the actual testing equipment.
  • All lithium-ion batteries, including Canon LP-E6 for the Canon 5dMk2 and the Canon 7D, have a built-in voltage monitoring circuit that constantly discharge the battery.


  1. To charge the battery fully: keep the battery charging in the charger for another 2 to 3 hours after the green light comes on. With most chargers, the green light comes on when it’s between 85% to 95% of fully charged.

  1. Those are full charges. With partial charges, the battery will last a lot more than 500 charges, but it will be the equivalent of 500 charges. 50% charge will allow for 1000 charges… ↩︎