The photographers' zoo


A dozen people are trying to taking photos of 3 sleepy Snowy Owls. Their cameras range from nothing to $$$.

  • 1 guy calling his wife or girl friend and describes what he sees
  • A kid watching with binoculars
  • A lady using her iPhone
  • A lady using a small Sony point and shoot
  • A guy with a small video camera and a ‘real’ camera
  • 3 people with Canons. A couple of ‘big ma’ (Sigma 50-500) and one 100-400 with the 2x converter
  • A couple people with Nikons. One ‘big ma’ (Sigma 50-500) and one 70-200

There were a lot of other ‘bunches’. Photographers seem to like to cluster in group. If that location is good enough for one photographer, it must be good for a dozen…

What are they watching and trying to photograph? A trio of sleepy Snowy Owls.

I also came for the Snowy Owls but the ‘zoo’ was lot more interesting. How many photos can one take of 3 sleepy Snowy Owls? This was around 11am.

The Snowy Owls become ‘really alive/awake’ just before the sunset and at night when they hunt and feed on mice, rats and voles.

The Snowy Owls migrate south to the BC lower Mainland every few years. It’s because of the poor food situation in the arctic. But with global warming, they don’t have to migrate South as often. There are more and more mice and rats in the North.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 400 and 1/200
Lens: Sigma 120-400mm f/4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM APO @120mm and f/13 (I needed the depth of field for having the whole group of photographers in focus)
Processed with ART 1.8.4: