Chinese Photographer

Chinese Photographer

This photographer was part of a Chinese tour group that came to Western Canada. I spoke with the tour guide. It was a tour group that came for photographing the Eagles at the Harrison Flats (in BC, in the beginning of November).

Darktable: Lighttable Overlays part 2

Darktable, shows some information about the image, like the filename, the extension, the operture, the shutter speed, the focal lens, and the iso. The problem, for me, is that I use the virtual copies (in Lightroom language), aka duplicates (in Darktable language), a lot.

Darktable: Modules to Avoid

With the Darktable 3.x serie and continued with the Darktable 4.x serie, the developers have introduced a whole bunch of new concepts, including: scene referred processing display referred processing LAB space vs Linear RGB processing All these things have implications about which module to use or not.