Only An Idiot Would…

Only an idiot would buy a 1Dmk4 and shoot in JPEG!

by Richard … aka Anon Ymous

Anon Ymous screams first, opens his big mouth, contradicts everybody and is not very competent. You know the type. You know him at the photo club. You also see him at the wedding where he always tell everybody how bad the professional photographer is and what he’s doing wrong. He always shut down people on the forums…

BTW, Have you noticed that Anon Ymous is always a guy.

So back to why would an “idiot” buy a Canon R5 and shoot in JPEG? Linn is that idiot. He’s one of gentlest and nicest guy over all. He bought a Canon R5 with a huge CF express. Don’t worry, the lenses do match the setup. He even has a couple of Zeiss. Why? Because with the Canon R5, JPEGs and the CF express cards, Linn claims that he can shoot for 2 minutes at 12 frames per second. Which is lot more than Canon official 193 JPEGs. Raw provides “only” 6.5 seconds!

Linn uses those JPEGs for animations. When I asked him what about 4k video and select which frame he wanted, he said he couldn’t get the quality that he needed from the 4k frame grabbing.