Canon: Camera Error Codes

Error CodeProblem
Err 01Problem with the communication between the body and the lens
Err 02Memory card error
Err 04Memory Card Full
Err 05Problem with the deployment of the built-in pop-up flash
Err 06Problem with the self-cleaning sensor
Err 10Problem with the files
Err 20Problem with any mechanical mechanism
Err 30Problem with the shutter
Err 40Problem with the power source
Err 50Problem with any electric control
Err 70Problem with the images in memory
Err 80Problem with the electric control of images
Err 99Non-specific error

The only error codes that we, Canon users, can deal with are:

  • Error code 01: Remove lens and clean the contacts on both the camera and the lens
  • Error code 02: Replace the memory card with another one
  • Error code 04: Replace the memory card with an empty one
  • Error code 05: Make sure that there is enough space to unlock the built-in pop-up flash