Canon 7D: Auto Focus Points

I remember reading somewhere on a Canon’s official website, but not sure of which one, that the focus points are not exactly where the points are shown in the viewfinder. The auto focus sensors are supposed to be larger than the rectangles shown in the viewfinder.

I just had the experience of “shooting” a great blue heron fishing at Reifel Bird Sanctuary and by just changing a tiny bit the holding of the camera, the focus would be changed between the beak and the face/eyes of the heron.


  • Canon always focus on the closest part of the focus area.
  • In the case of a single point, it will be on the front of that point. In my case, it was the beak, forcing the rest of the face to be out of focus.
  • I solved this by changing the auto focus from the single point auto focus to the spot auto focus.

Watch not only for what’s covered by the focus point, but also around it and how it can affect your photo.