Lightroom: Zoom Levels

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

In the Library Module, you can zoom with the Navigator. The standard zoom levels are FIT, FILL, 1:1 and the variations of 1:...

Too many people check their photos at 1:1 or 100% zoom level, to examine all the pixels. I used to do it too. The problem with 100% zoom level is that in “real life” it’s never used. I’m not the only one to harp on the pixel-peepers. Adobe also recommend using the 1:1 or 100% zoom level only in the Develop module and when using the brushes.

  • For printing, I use the 1:2 or 50% zoom level which is a little more than what can be seen in a “real life” print.
  • For web use, I use the FILL and the zoom level will depend on the size of the monitor.

Pixel peeping is a very bad habit because it doesn’t add anything and can’t be used for anything other than bragging rights such as “mine’s bigger than yours” or “mine’s better than yours”. I seem to be hearing the rumble of Canon vs Nikon: my pixel this, your pixel that…