Lightroom: Stacks

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

Many people complain that the stacks don’t work. It’s usually because they didn’t read Lightroom’s RTFM, read the fine manual, or maybe it’s because there is no manual supplied and no much of a help file. Here are some of rules for stacking photos in Lightroom.

  1. You cannot create a stack using images in a Collection or Quick Collection. You need to be in a folder for creating stacks.
  2. You cannot create a stack using images that are in different folders.
  3. To apply any metadata or any other setting to all the photos in the stack:

    • Expand the stack
    • Select all the photos
    • Apply the changes to the selected photos
  4. If a stack is collapsed (not expanded) any new metadata settings or Develop settings will be applied only to the top photo.

  5. Often people claim that they are missing photos in the Grid view, it’s either:

    • The photos are filtered out. You must cancel your filter.
    • The photos are part of a collapsed stack. You must expand the stacks with Photo -> Stacking -> Expand All Stacks