Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 2

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Adobe has a whole set of procedures to troubleshoot the start up of Lightroom. One of their recommendations is:

  1. Shutdown all other applications
  2. Shutdown Lightroom
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Start Lightroom with any other program running

Do you still have the same problem?

Why are they asking to shutdown and restart? Adobe wants you to identify if the problem is with the Lightroom or other programs.

They could have asked to just close Lightroom and restart it. But…

  1. The problem may not be with Lightroom
  2. The problem could be with other programs running, and closing the running program is not easy! The easy ones are the program that you can see on your task bar or the dock. There are many more programs and services that are hidden and running in the background, including viruses and spywares.

Applications: only Lightroom running

Applications: only Lightroom running

As you can see, “only Lightroom is running”.

All processes currently running

All processes currently running

Here is the list of what’s currently running on my system. Actually you are only seeing half of it, since this is a VMWARE instance running inside Linux. Adobe does not think that you would know what is:

  • csrss.exe
  • InoTask.exe
  • InoRT.exe
  • svchost.exe (5 times)

So the simplest is to ask you to restart your computer.


The other benefit of restarting your computer is that it “clears and reset” your networking. All current operating systems, such as Windows, OS x or Linux need the networking to “work properly”. If not, it will seem very slow because you computer, OS X or Windows, will wait for network replies that do not come or not work at all without the networking.

Lightroom is a single user application, it does not allow you to run it over the network. Lightroom still uses the network for many of it’s own functions. The Lightroom preferences are stored in: [username]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Lightroom.plist. com.adobe.Lightroom.plist is a “Name Lookup”, or in a more familiar form: The preferences list for the Lightroom subdomain belonging to the domain.