Lightroom: Tips That Make My Life Easier

category: Lightroom • 2 min read

Where is that photo on my computer?

Right-click on the photo for the pop-up menu and select Go to Folder in Library. The folder will become selected in the Library module.

Need 2 different crops for 2 different print sizes?

Right-click on the photo and select Create Virtual Copy for each print size. Then do the crop for each print size. Starting with LR4, you need to create virtual copies for different ratings/picks for each collection. Then see the next tip to remember what’s what.

Why do you have all these virtual copies?

After a while, it’s difficult to remember the reasons for creating different virtual copies. Type in a short explanation in the Copy Name field, which is in the Metadata panel in the Library module. Then, as you move the mouse over a photo in the film strip, Lightroom will show the copy name after the file name.

Need to assign a whole bunch of photos to a collection?

Right-click on the collection and set it as the target collection. Then just select the photo and type “b

Reset the values in the Develop module

With any slider in Lightroom (like Exposure/Contrast…), double-click on the name of the slider to reset it to its default. Pressing the Alt/Option change the Tone and Presence section to: Reset Tone and Reset Presence.

Applying a change to a specific color

In the HSL/Color/B&W and Tone Curve panels at the top right is the targeted adjustment tool. Click on it to grab it, then click, hold and drag up or down in your photo to change the color or the tone under the cursor.

Easy access to the information in the panels

I do not like the way Lightroom is configured with the panels. I like to see only the section that I’m dealing with and not have to page up and down until I go to correct section. Right-click on the panel in each module and select the Solo Mode.

Importing/Exporting Catalogs

Press the Alt/Option in the Library and the Import/Export buttons change to Import Catalog, and Export Catalog.

Easy changing of the crop from horizontal to vertical or vice-versa

In the crop tool, type “X” to flip the crop from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal.


Each module has its own shortcuts. To see the list of the shortcuts: Ctrl-/. This is for each module.