Lightroom: Synchronize Folders

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Lightroom has this feature “Synchronize Folder…” What does it do?

  1. If you copy photos in an existing folder that is already in Lightroom.
  2. If you do changes to the photo’s sidecar with another software, like the metadata and IPTC

Lightroom will import the new photos bypassing the photos already in the current catalog. Lightroom will also check if there was any change to the metadata/IPTC… against what’s in the catalog. If there are any changes, Lightroom will update the catalog with the new metadata/IPTC

Right click on the folder, and you will get:

Lightroom: Synchronize Folders

Lightroom: Synchronize Folders Menu

Then you get the synchronize prompts:

Lightroom: Synchronize Folders Prompts

Lightroom: Synchronize Folders Prompts

  • Many sports photographers must use Photo Mechanic from Camera Bits. They don’t have the choice, they must use Photo Mechanic. It’s fast, but the most importantly, there are published lists of players by sport and by team. That way, they can very quickly apply the players’ names as keywords to their photos.

With the Synchronize Folder, they can do their work in Photo Mechanic. apply all the keywording… then apply the changes to the Lightroom catalog.

  • You can add or delete photos to/from the catalog by adding or removing photos outside of Lightroom.