Lightroom: Sorting Photos

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Lightroom is great at selecting, displaying and organizing photos. One of the most important way of organizing the photos in the catalog is to sort them. To sort the photos, you must be Library module, Grid mode.

Lightroom: Sorting Photos

Lightroom: Sorting Photos

As you can see from the photo, next to the sort there’s the up and down arrow, clicking on it will show all the various ways to sort your photos in Lightroom:

Lightroom: Sorting Orders

Lightroom: Sorting Orders

  1. Captured Time: When you took the photo.
  2. Added Order: When you added the photo to the current catalog.
  3. Edit Time: When you edited the photo last.
  4. Edit Count: The number of time, you have done any change to the photo.
  5. Rating: The star rating
  6. Pick: Picked or not, so they will all be together.
  7. Label Text: Sorting according to the label.
  8. Label Color: Sorting according to the color of the label, all the red together, all the yellows together…
  9. File name: Sorting according to the name of the file.
  10. File extension: According to the extension of the photo. All the DNG, will be together, all the JPEGs…
  11. File type: According to the file type.
  12. Aspect Ratio: All the wide photos will be grouped together, all the square…

By default, the sort is ascending A —> Z, but you can change the sort to descending Z —> A, by clicking on the A/Z to the left of the word Sort.