Lightroom: Keys For Rating Photos

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Adobe has gone nuts! In Lightroom there is a key combination for everything. There is even a key combination for taking the dog out and another one for feeding the cat but only if you have the left panel enabled with… in the develop module…

As far as I have figured out there are 235 key combinations in Lightroom! And these Lightroom key combinations do different things depending on the context.

  • Don’t forget to set the auto-advance on
Task Windows Mac
Set star rating 1 -5 1-5
Set star rating and go to next photo Shift + 1 -5 Shift + 1-5
Remove star rating 0 0
Increase / decrease rating by 1 star ] / [ ] / [
Assign a red label 6 6
Assign a yellow label 7 7
Assign a green label 8 8
Assign a blue label 9 9
Assign a color label and go to next photo Shift + 6 - 9 Shift + 6 - 9
Flag photo as a pick P P
Flag photo as a pick and go to next photo Shift + P Shift + P
Flag photo as a reject X X
Flag photo as a reject and go to next photo Shift + X Shift + X
Unflag photo U U
Unflag photo and go to next photo Shift + U Shift + U
Increase / decrease flag status Ctrl + Up Arrow / Ctrl + Down Arrow Command + Up Arrow / Command + Down Arrow
Show/hide Library Filter bar \ \
Open multiple filters in the Filter bar Shift-click filter labels Shift-click filter labels
Toggle filters on/off Ctrl + L Command + L
Find photo in the Library module Ctrl + F Command + F

I think that I have all the 235 Lightroom key combinations that work in Lightroom. The list is by functionality: