Lightroom: Saving Changes

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

Q: When do I save my changes in Lightroom?

A: As you work on your images in Lightroom, all of the changes are being saved automatically into the Lightroom/SQlite database. The only time that you have to be concerned about “pushing” the information from the Lightroom database, SQlite, to the individual files is if you want to use another application such as Bridge to view and process your images or archive the changes. The changes will either be saved to the XMP file or in the DNG file.

To push information from the Lightroom database into a file, in the Library module, select Metadata -> Save Metadata to File. If files have been modified outside of Lightroom, and you want to have Lightroom know about these changes: in the Library module, select Metadata -> Read Metadata from File.

  • The changes that are saved to the files are only the Library module metadata related changes.
  • The Develop module changes are only stored in the Lightroom/SQlite database.