Lightroom: How To Rename A Catalog

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Lightroom doesn’t have a built-in way of renaming a catalog that I know off, but it’s not difficult once you know where your catalog is located.

  • On Windows: With Vista and Windows 7, type the catalog name in the search box at the top right.
  • On Mac: Use finder to search for your catalog.

Then you only need to rename 1 file and 1 directory:

  1. The catalog itself with the extension of “.lrcat”, so in my case, I’m renaming “wipzzz.lrcat” to “wip.lrcat”
  2. The previews directory with the name “Previews.lrdata”, so in my case, I’m renaming “wipzzz Previews.lrdata” to “wip Previews.lrdata”.

Lightroom: How To Rename a Catalog

Lightroom: How To Rename a Catalog

  • Then open the catalog under the new name