Lightroom: Animals: How To Remove The Green Eyes

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Lightroom has the great feature called the “red eye reduction”. It’s great, you can have the flash head-on, no shadow and a completely flat photo. Apply the red eye reduction and you are all set.

The problem is that for animals like cats and dogs the eyes do not become red, like for people, but they become green. The red or the green is the light from the flash that is reflected at the back, the retina, of the eye.

The “old way” was to pass the photo to Photoshop and there you select the eye with the polygon tool and change the color there. I haven’t used Photoshop in years. So I decided to try to do it in Lightroom and yes, it works.

Lightroom: Dog with green eyes before & after

Lightroom: Dog with green eyes before & after

Here are the settings I used:

Lightroom: settings used to remove animals green eyes

Lightroom: settings used to remove cats and dogs green eyes

I set the zoom to 2:1 or 3:1, then I adjust the brush size to be the size of the green eye and click only once.