Lightroom: Recovery +100

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

Recovery +100: we are trying to retain highlight detail, so we are going to bump recover to +100.

Anon Ymous

The recovery, is the recovery of the highlights. When the highlights look “clipped / washed out”, that’s when to use the recovery. But…

I need to pounce a nail, what to use?

  • Hammer
  • Head of pliers
  • Sledge hammer

The recovery slider is the same, if you use it too strong, it will “muck” some of the middle tones. So the question, like the 3 bears, what’s just right? Lightroom provides the tool!

Press the Alt in Windows, Option in Mac. The photo will go black, completely black or with some white spots. If there are whites, slide the recovery slider to the right, until all the whites disappear. That’s how much recovery you will need, anymore and you will start to affect the middle tones.