Lightroom: Rearrange Keywords

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

Some people are very good at making decisions and at sticking to them. These people immediately decide on some keywords and that’s it, no more changes. I can’t. I often have to go back to add more keywords, to change some keywords or even to delete some keywords. Lightroom does not have an automatic way of changing, rearranging and reorganizing keywords, but it is only a 2 step process.

Lightroom: reorganizing the keywords

Lightroom: reorganizing the keywords

If you need to do change more than one keyword, you should do it one keyword at a time. All the operations should be done in the Grid view.

Step 1

  • You need to get all the photos for that keyword
  • Click on the #1 right arrow to bring all the photos for that keyword in the Grid view
  • Select All the photo with Ctrl-A or Cmd-A

Step 2

  • Click on the check box to left of the new keyword. This will assign all the photos to the new keyword
  • Click off the #2 check box to left of the old keyword. This will remove all the photos to the old keyword