RAW files

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

The RAW file format is the unprocessed data as captured by the camera’s image sensor. The only camera controls that affect the quality of the RAW file are:

  1. ISO speed
  2. Aperture
  3. Speed

That’s it! No other camera setting will affect the raw capture. The other settings such as white balance, sharpening, contrast and saturation settings are stored in a separate header associated with the RAW data.

Various manufacturers have various format, even different RAW file formats for different models from the same manufacturer.

Better resolution?

Are RAW files better than JPEGs? No! RAW files have the potential of giving better pictures than JEPGs. This will depend on:

  1. The RAW conversion program. Not all RAW conversion programs are identical. From the camera manufacturer to Adobe RAW converter and many others.
  2. The operator of the image editing software. This is the most critical part, the operator can enhance or completely destroy the photo.

The most important word is: potential