Lightroom: Terms in Develop Module

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

The Presence in the Develop module of Lightroom has Clarity, Saturation and Vibrance. What do they do? I’m not trying to do a glossary of terms used in Lightroom, but here are some explanations of common terms of the Develop module, the Presence:

  • Clarity: Changes the contrast in the mid-tones in the image. It increases the details in the mid-tones. The Clarity adds some sharpening.
  • Saturation: Adjusts the intensity of all the colours in the image. All colours are treated equally.
  • Vibrance: Similar to the Saturation, but milder. Clipping is minimized as the colours get saturated. The Vibrance has a greater effect on the “less saturated” colours than the “more saturated” colours. The Vibrance is excellent to adjust the skin tones and the areas that are already richly saturated.