Lightroom: Finding Photos With Only Specific Keywords

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

The problem with searching by keyword, is that Lightroom will show all the photos containing that keyword, whatever other keywords are present in that photo. What about the photos containing only that a specific keyword or keywords?

  1. Switch to the Grid view of the Library
  2. Empty the Quick Collection +
  3. Select All Photographs in the Catalog
  4. From the Library filter select Metadata
  5. Select the Keyword column, click on the first keyword then go down to the last keyword and Shift-Click to select all the keywords. Do not just click the first entry saying All.
  6. In the Keyword column deselect the keyword or the keywords that you want with Ctrl-Click on Windows or Cmd-Click on Mac.
  7. Select all photos with Ctrl-A on Windows or Cmd-A on Mac.
  8. Switch to In the Keyword column by clicking once on the target keywords.
  9. In In the Edit menu, just select In the Invert Selection.
  10. Press B to send the selected photos to the In the Quick Collection +.
  11. The photos that only have the keywords you have selected and no other keyword are in the Quick Collection +.