Lightroom: Mistakes

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

I was at Best Buy. You know the place where the sales people are not on commission. I was looking for some parts and the sales guy was explaining Lightroom to the “soon to be customer”. I claim, BTW it’s a self-claim, being a “Lightroom Expert” but there are days when I shouldn’t. There was so much B.S that came out from the sales guy that I decided to clarify a few points…

  1. Lightroom doesn’t keep your photos.
  2. Lightroom doesn’t store your photos.
  3. Lightroom stores information about your photos.
  4. The rating, color, title, keywords… are attached to the photo only, so they are displayed for all the collections.
  5. Lightroom never matches the output of the camera as seen on the LCD at the back of your camera. You can apply presets and various processing to closely match it.
  6. Lightroom doesn’t edit your photos.
  7. Lightroom keeps track of each change you want to do to your photos and apply them at the output. The output can either be:

    • The screen
    • The web
    • The printer
    • The exported TIFF or JPEG