Lightroom: Metadata IPTC Equivalents

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  • IPTC Core: International Press Telecommunications Council
  • IPTC-NAA IIM: International Press Telecommunications Council Information International Model. Please note that even within the IPTC, they use different metadata from the IPTC Core.
  • XMP: Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform. Originally created for Photoshop. Some of it is also used in Lightroom.
  • Lightroom: Adobe’s Lightroom internal metadata fields. Note that most of the the names are different from Photoshop, another Adobe’s product.
  • Tag:Offset: Other software can read the metadata embedded with the files. They do it through a method called “the tag and the offset”.
IPTC Core Specification 1.1 IPTC-NAA IIM 4.1 XMP namespace:property ID/Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Tag:Offset
City (legacy) City photoshop:City City 2:90
Copyright Notice Copyright Notice dc:rights Copyright 2:116
Country (legacy) Country/Primary Location Name photoshop:Country Country 2:101
Country Code (legacy) Country/Primary Location Code Iptc4xmpCore:CountryCode ISO Country Code 2:100
Creator By-line dc:creator Creator 2:80
Creator’s jobtitle By-line Title photoshop:AuthorsPosition Job Title 2:85
Credit Line Credit photoshop:Credit Provider 2:110
Date Created Date Created photoshop:DateCreated Date Created 2:55
Description Caption/Abstract dc:description Caption 2:120
Description Writer Writer/Editor photoshop:CaptionWriter Description Writer 2:122
Headline Headline photoshop:Headline Headline 2:105
Instructions Special Instructions photoshop:Instructions Instructions 2:40
Job Id Original Transmission Reference photoshop:TransmissionReference Job Identifier 2:103
Keywords Keywords dc:subject Keyword Tags 2:25
Province or State (legacy) Province/State photoshop:State State/Province 2:95
Source Source photoshop:Source Source 2:115
Sublocation (legacy) Sublocation Iptc4xmpCore:Location Location 2:92
Title Object Name dc:title File Name 2:05
Category <marked as deprecated> photoshop:Category Category 2:15
Fixture Identifier 2:22
Originating Program 2:65
Supplemental Category <marked as deprecated> photoshop:SupplementalCategories Other Categories 2:20
Urgency 2:10