Lightroom: Terms

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Lightroom has all kind of wordings, especially in the Develop module. Some of it makes sense, but some of it…

  • Exposure: sets the image brightness.
  • Contrast: Separates the dark and the light tones from the middle tones.
  • Shadows: Adjusts dark image areas.
  • Highlights: Adjusts light image areas.
  • Whites: Adjusts the white clipping.
  • Blacks: Adjusts the black clipping.

  • Clarity: Sharpening and details in the mid-tones.
  • Saturation: Adjusts the intensity of all the colours.
  • Vibrance: Adjusts the intensity of all the colours but milder than the saturation.

  • Luminance: The brightness or darkness of the image or of a colour.
  • Saturation: The intensity of the image or of a colour.
  • Hue: Shift of colour toward the next or the previous colour.