Lightroom: Where Are My Presets?

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Q: Where Are My Presets?

A: It depends, they are stored where you have set it. To see where they are:

  1. Edit> Preferences
  2. Select the tab: Presets
  3. Click on the button: Show Lightroom Presets Folder

Show Lightroom Presets Folder

Show Lightroom Presets Folder

  1. Go to the sub-directory/sub-folder: Develop Presets
  2. Go to the sub-directory/sub-folder: User Presets
  • The presets have an extension of: .lrtemplate
  • The presets are simple text files that you can open in any text editor such as notepad on Windows or TextMate or xPad on the Mac. Do not open any preset with a Word processor such as Microsoft Word.