Lightroom: Flags in Lightroom and in Photoshop

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

In Lightroom, I use P to “Pick” aka Flag a photo and U to “Unpick” aka UnFlag a photo. There are also the ratings and labels.

Lightroom is basically a photo editor, the curves are applied to the whole photo while Photoshop is a pixel editor. In Photoshop, I work at the pixel level, whether it’s with layers or the other various tools, I modify the pixels.

Adobe has done a fairly good job of allowing Lightroom to be a front-end and Digital Asset Management aka DAM for Photoshop, but there are limitations. The flags are one of these limitations. Photoshop does not understand the flags.

After editing a photo in Photoshop and returning to Lightroom:

  1. The flag will be gone.
  2. The rating will stay.
  3. The colour label will stay.

If you need Photoshop, stick with color labels.