Lightroom Error: Keywords Missing In Bridge

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Q: I set my keywords in Lightroom, I also make sure that I save them, but Bridge does not see my keywords

A: That’s because Lightroom, by default, only save all information and changes in it’s own database. Lightroom doesn’t save it to the photo if it’s a DNG file or to the XMP sidecar if it’s in another format. You need to tell Lightroom to save all the changes to it’s database and to the XMP sidecar or the DNG file with:

Edit -> Catalog Settings -> Metadata tab -> Automatically write changes into XMP


Lightroom Automatically Write Changes in XMP sidecar

or you can save the changes manually for each photo with: Ctrl-S on Windows or Command-S on the Mac.

My personal setting are:

  1. Automatically write changes to XMP
  2. Write date or time changes into proprietary raw files

Then all photo applications, be it Photoshop/Bridge, Bibble, Capture One… will see the changes done in Lightroom.