Lightroom: Horizontal vs. Vertical

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

When people want to buy photos from you, especially from stock, they have certain requirements. One of the more often used requirement is the photo to be horizontal or vertical. If you are like me, I don’t record it every time. Instead of that, Is let Lightroom “almost” do it for me. I say almost because it’s not fully automated, it’s very simple and quick to do.

I have 2 smart collections:

  1. Horizontal / Landscape
  2. Vertical / Portrait

Here’s my smart collection for the Vertical / Portrait:

Lightroom: Smart Collection For Identifying Vertical/Portrait Photos

Lightroom: Smart Collection For Identifying Vertical/Portrait Photos

It’s exactly the same for the horizontal/landscape photos.

  1. Highlight the Horizontal/Landscape smart collection
  2. Select all the photos [Command-A/Ctrl-A]
  3. Drag and drop the keyword horizontal
  4. Unselect all the photos [Command-D/Ctrl-D]
  5. I highlight the Vertical/Portrait smart collection
  6. Select all the photos [Command-A/Ctrl-A]
  7. Drag and drop the keyword vertical
  8. Unselect all the photos [Command-D/Ctrl-D]
  9. Done: total time: 45 seconds