Lightroom: Highlight Clipping Triangle

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Lightroom: Histogram Highlight Clipped

Lightroom has a nice little feature in the histogram of the Develop module. At the top right, as shown in the attached image, there’s a blue triangle. I have circled it.

Since the triangle is blue, it means that some of the blues are clipped. If you looked at the the big arrow on the left, it points to the blue, and indeed it’s clipped.

What does this mean: clipped?

  1. When any one of the channel, blue, red, or green, gets clipped, you are loosing some of the details in that channel.
  2. Then you can use the recovery slider to “recover” the clipped channel, by dragging it to the right until the triangle is black.
  • If the triangle is blue, then the blues are getting clipped.
  • If the triangle is red, then the reds are getting clipped.
  • If the triangle is green, then the greens are getting clipped.
  • If the triangle is white, then both the blues, the reds and the greens are getting clipped.