Lightroom: Useful Keys in the Grid View

category: Lightroom • 2 min read

I spend most of my time in the Grid view. Lightroom has so many keys, it’s crazy and overwhelming, but there are some that I find extremely useful. And yes, I decide what’s useful or not. Here are a few:

  1. G will get you to the Grid view from anywhere in Lightroom.
  2. I like to set the Auto Advance on, Lightroom will move to the next photo when I flag the photo. It’s done through: Grid viewPhotoAuto-Advance
  3. + to increase the size of thumbnails.
  4. - to decrease the size of thumbnails.
  5. Z to zoom in on the selected photo. Release the Z key to return to the Grid view.
  6. J to cycle through the Grid styles.
  7. F for the full screen mode to view more photos. Press F again to exit the full screen mode.
  8. Shift+Tab to hide all panels to view more photos. Shift-Tab to re-display the panels.
  9. T to hide the Toolbar to view more photos. T to re-display the Toolbar.
  10. \ , the backslash, to hide the Library Filter to view more photos. The \ to re-display the Library filter.
  11. I review the photos in the Library > Grid mode > Fit. Here are the 2 keys I use the most:

    • P for pick, the photos with potential.
    • X for reject, the photos that are off, out of focus, bad…
    • U for removing a flag. I said 2 keys and list 3 keys. I use the U when I change my mind and want to remove the flag P or X.
    • Ctrl-Z or Cmd-Z to undo what I just did.