Lightroom: Exported JPEGs vs. Web JPEGs

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

There 3 ways you can get JPEGs with Lightroom:

  1. Convert to JPEGs in your camera or during the import into Lightroom.
  2. Export the JPEGs through the Library | Export function.
  3. Save the JPEG files through the HTML gallery of the web module.

The “best” way to export photos to JPEGs is through the Lightroom Library | Export function. It’s because you will have more control on the JPEGs, such as the color space or the naming the JPEG photo and where to store them.

  • When exporting photos from Lightroom to JPEGs, you should use the sRGB color space. Most simple software, that is used to view JPEGs, cannot deal with the AdobeRGB color space or the ProPhotoRGB color space.
  • When exporting photos from Lightroom to JPEGs, you can also control the JPEG compression. I usually set the JPEG quality to 50% or if I feel like “being nice” I will set the use the JPEG quality to 66%, which allow for a decent/good 4“ by 6“ print and an almost decent 5“ by 7“ photo.