Lightroom: Export Settings for Original Photo

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Lightroom allows you to export your photos in:

The photo is being exported as an original photo. It’s the file before Lightroom did any processing. It’s the photo that came out of the camera, the photo even before any import setting being applied. It’s NOT the cropped/processed photo. Lightroom will make a copy of the photos. If the original photo is a RAW file then the XMP file is also exported with the keywords.

First select the photo or the photos, then in the Library module, select the Export button and you get:

Lightroom: Export Original Photo

Lightroom: Export Original Photo

  1. Select the original format. Whatever the photo was, either a PEF - CR2 - JPG - TIFF or whatever else, this will be the resulting format.
  2. Which directory to export the photo to? The original folder or any other specific folder?
  3. If the file already exists, what should Lightroom do? Ask you, overwrite, or rename the file?
  4. Any naming scheme? The original file, or whatever you want… I usually use the same naming system that I use to import the files.