Lightroom: Colour Labels

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  1. You can set your own colour labels with: Metadata > Label Set > Edit
  2. Or you can also type text directly into the label description in the Metadata panel.

    • Don’t use colour label to rate your photos, that why there are stars.
    • Don’t use colour label to pick or delete photos, that why there are the flags: Pick and Reject.
    • Don’t use colour label to set technical parameters such as camera. That’s why there are Smart Collections and Filters.
    • Don’t use colour label to set the work that you not done yet such as no metadata, no keyword… That’s why there are Smart Collections.

Colour labels should be used for business processes:

  • Red = WEBSITE
  • Yellow = STOCK
  • Green = PERSONAL
  • Blue = CLIENTS
  • Purple = PORTFOLIO

I don’t want to muddy my keywords by adding the business processes

  1. If you want to carry over the labels into Photoshop, you must setup the same labels in Photoshop Bridge.
  2. The Adobe Lightroom team wrote a full description on how to share the labels between Lightroom and Photoshop Bridge in Sharing labels between Lightroom and Bridge