Lightroom: Apply Presets To Multiple Photos?

category: Lightroom • 1 min read

Q: How To Apply Presets To Multiple Photos?

A: There’s no direct way that I know of to apply a preset to many photos at the same time. But there’s more than one way to “skin a cat”. There are a couple of alternatives:

  • Apply the preset during the import. It’s just a regular edit and doesn’t change the original photo, Lightroom just applies the preset to the preview.
  • Open your preset in notepad or any other text editor. It will show you what are the setting for the presets. Do not use Microsoft Word or any other word processor.

  • Select all the photo to apply the preset.

  • Click on Sync Settings.
  • See the preset settings in the text editor and select the same ones to be copied.

If you select all the items to be copied, watch for the crop and the local adjustments. Are you sure that you want to also apply these to all of your selected photos?

BTW: If you know of a better way of applying the preset to a whole bunch of photos, please let me know at: Lightroom: Better way of applying presets to multiple photos